Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study


Jeff Kline

Research Forester
Pacific Northwest Research Station
Forestry Sciences Laboratory
3200 Jefferson Way
Corvallis, Oregon 97331



  • PhD in Economics -- Marine Resources, University of Rhode Island, 1996
  • MS in Resource Administration/Management, University of New Hampshire, 1988
  • BS in Environmental Resource Management, Pennsylvania State University, 1984
  • AAS in Forest Technology, Paul Smith's College, 1981
  • Westtown School, Westtown PA

Research interests:
Environmental and natural resource economics, land use, public policy

Current research projects:

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of land use planning programs as tools to control urbanization, forest fragmentation, and farmland loss

  2. Assessing the impact of urbanization and forest fragmentation on the management of private forest lands in western Oregon.

Selected Publications:

  • Kline, J. D., D. L. Azuma, and A. Moses. In Press. Modeling the Spatial Dynamic Distribution of Humans on a Landscape. Landscape Ecology.

  • Kline, J. D., A. Moses, and R. J. Alig. 2001. Integrating Urbanization into Landscape-level Ecological Assessments. Ecosystems, 4(1):3-18.

  • Kline, J. D. 2000. Comparing states with and without growth management: analysis based on indicators with policy implications, comment. Land Use Policy, 17(4):349-355.

  • Kline, J. D., R. J. Alig, and R. L. Johnson. 2000. Fostering the production of nontimber services among forest owners with heterogeneous objectives. Forest Science, 46(2):302-311.

  • Kline, J. D., R. J. Alig, and R. L. Johnson. 2000. Forest owner incentives to protect riparian habitat. Ecological Economics, 33(1):29-43.

  • Kline, J. D. and R. J. Alig. 1999. Does land use planning slow the conversion of forest and farm land? Growth and Change 30(1):3-22.

  • Kline, J. and D. Wichelns. 1996. Public preferences regarding the goals of farmland preservation programs. Land Economics 72(4):538-549.


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