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The Forest Mycology Program

Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society

Oregon State University

An ectomycorrhiza of Douglas-fir

Forest Mycology and Mycorrhiza Research

This site focuses on faculty and students from Oregon State University, Department of Forest Science.  We have had a long colaboration with the PNW Forest Mycology Team.  However, the Mycology Team came to and end with the retirement of Randy Molina in January, 2007.  We are actively pursuing research on the effects of various forest management approaches on ectomycorrhizal fungi in an ecosystem context. The development of protocols for conserving and monitoring biological diversity of forest fungi is another important area of concentration. We are also conducting research and developing monitoring protocols for commercially harvested forest mushrooms. Our group has particular expertise with those fungi that produce hypogeous sporocarps (truffles). About a dozen mycological field studies are in place or planned throughout the Pacific Northwest region. The integrated research and extended perspective offered by our studies will produce information on long term interactions between mycorrhizal fungi, wild edible mushrooms, sustainable ecosystem productivity, and forest management practices. 

OSU Forest Mycology Personnel

James Trappe, Professor (retired) and Guru

Daniel Luoma, Assistant Professor

Joyce Eberhart, Senior Faculty Research Assistant

David Pilz, Affiliate Faculty

Matt Trappe, Faculty Research Assistant

Former Team Members

Nancy Weber, (Courtesy)

Efren Cazares, (Courtesy)

Michael Amaranthus

Eric Danell, Visiting Professor (Uppsala University)

Wes Colgan III, Assistant Professor (Louisiana Tech University)

Tom Horton, Assistant Professor (SUNY, Syracuse)

Ari Jumppomen, Assistant Professor (Kansas State University)

Teresa Lebel, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Thom O'Dell, The Remediators

Laura Dominguez, Adjunct Professor (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)

Francisco Camacho, Post-Doctoral Associate (UC Riverside)

Charles Lefevre, Ph.D.

Edwardo Nouhra, Ph.D.  (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)

Susie Dunham, Ph.D. (Oregon State University)

Kei Fugimura, M.S., Graduate Student (UNBC) 

Kathy Jacobs, M.S. (Kathy Jacobs Design & Marketing)

Kristen Whitbeck, M.S.

Admir Giachini, Ph.D.

Orie Kolaczkowski, M.S.
Kelly Collins, Ph.D.


Survey & Manage Fungi Resources

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