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Mycorrhizae, Fungi in Ecosystems

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Trappe, J. M. and Strand, R. F.  1969.  Mycorrhizal deficiency in a Douglas-fir region nursery.  Forest Sci. 15:381-389.

April 1, 1999 — June 30, 2000

McMaster's Fellow

Dr. Trappe will intermittently be in Australian residence thereafter for the indefinite future.


CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology
Box 284
Canberra ACT 2601

within Australia: 02 6242 1600
from abroad: 011 612 6242 1600

domestic: 02 6242 1705
from abroad: 011 612 6242 1705

Department of Forest Science
Oregon State University

EMAIL: trappej@ucs.orst.edu
PHONE: (541) 737-8593
FAX: 541-737-1393

B.S.F., 1953, University of Washington, Seattle
M.F., 1955, SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse
Ph.D., 1962, University of Washington, Seattle

Research Interests:

Mycorrhizae; Taxonomy and ecology of mycorrhizal fungi; fungi in natural ecosystems.

Current Programs:

Mycorrhizal ecology of subalpine and alpine ecosystems; mammal-truffle interactions; population ecology and functions of nonspecific biotrophic root endophytes; taxonomy of hypogeous fungi.

Examples of Research Support:

NSF, "Ecology and Functions of Dark-septate Root Endophytes in Plant Com- munity Development in Glacier Forefronts," 1993-1996, $180,000.

USFS, Pacific Northwest Research Station, "Influence of Thinning, Plant Diversity, and Mycophagous Mammals on Mycorrhizal Fungi," 1993-1996, $145,000

NSF, "Taxonomy of Australasian Truffle and Truffle-like Fungi," 1992-1995, $200,000.

USFS, Intermountain Research Station, "Soil Microbial Ecology Influences on Restoration of Over-used Recreation Sites in Wilderness Areas of the Northern Rockies," 1992-1995, $65,000.

Examples of Publications:

Amaranthus, M.P. and J.M. Trappe. 1993. Effects of erosion on ecto- and VA-mycorrhizal inoculum potential of soil following forest fire in southwest Oregon. Plant and Soil 150:41-49.

Cazares, E. and J.M. Trappe. 1993. Vesicular endophytes in roots of the Pinaceae. Mycorrhiza 1:153-156.

Molina, R., H. Massicotte, and J.M. Trappe. 1992. Specificity phenomena in mycorrhizal symbioses: community-ecological consequences and practical implications, p. 357-423. In M.F. Allen (ed.), Mycorrhizal Functioning--An Integrative Plant-Fungal Process. Chapman & Hall, London.

Trappe, J.M., M.A. Castellano, and M.J. Trappe. 1992. Australasian truffle-like fungi. IV. Malajczukia gen. nov. (Basidiomycotina, Mesophelliaceae). Aust. Syst. Bot. 5:617-630.

Trappe, J.M. and D. Luoma. 1992. The ties that bind: fungi in ecosystems, p. 17-27. In G.C. Carroll and D.T. Wicklow (eds.), The Fungal Community--Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem. Marcel Dekker, New York.