Woodcock Bog RNA

Woodcock Bog 2
Woodcock Bog darlingtonia
Woodcock Bog far
Woodcock Bog stream
Name: Woodcock Bog
Ownership: BLM
Type: RNA
State: Oregon
Ecoregion: Klamath Mountains
District Medford District
Acres: 265

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Woodcock Bog Research Natural Area (RNA) was established to represent several serpentine-influenced vegetation types including fen, riparian, and dry savanna communities. The RNA includes several wetland areas interspersed with dry areas along the southeast slope of Woodcock Mountain. The major plant community is a Darlingtonia fen on serpentine-peridotite with Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi) and Port Orford cedar (Cupressus lawsoniana). Special status and rare species includeHowell's mariposa lily (Calochortus howellii), Oregon willowherb (Epilobium oreganum), Howell's fawnlily (Erythronium howellii), elegant gentian (Gentiana setigera), purple rushlily (Hastingsia bracteosa var. atropurpurea), agate desert parsley (Lomatium cookii), Howell's microseris (Microseris howellii), Piper's bluegrass (Poa piperi), Del Norte willow (Salix delnortensis), Siskiyou butterweed (Senecio hesperius) and western bog violet (Viola primulifolia ssp. occidentalis).


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