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Portable Electronic Presentations

A portable electronic presentation is an online \ offline interactive learning resource
representing key scientific talks in an on-demand rich media format.

What is a PEP?           

What is a Portable Electronic Presentation?

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Portable Electronic PresentationA Portable Electronic Presentation is an online / offline interactive learning resource that is intended to represent key scientific talks in a portable and persistent format. This content ranges from conference presentations to workshop or classroom discussion. The PEP preserves this knowledge by using the Flash player technology and includes the following interactive media and functionality:


  • Natural video and/or audio of the narrator or presenter
  • High resolution slides synchronized to the presentation
  • A table of contents that allows for navigating the many discussed topics
  • Start and stop the presentation at any slide to absorb the material being discussed
  • Off-ramps: links to related material or websites
  • Embed-ability: PEPs are intended to be sharable.

Re-experience key scientific information at any pace.