Culvert Profiles Graph


The Culvert Profile allows you  to view various parameters as they change through the culvert. The Culvert Profiles Graph is available for each of the designated  Fish Passage Design Flows as well as any flow that was calculated using the Flow Rate Calculator on the Output Summary Page. A long list of variables is available by pressing the Customize button. It is recommended that only variables on similar scales be shown on a single graph so all data are displayed. 

For general information see Customizing Tables and Graphs.

The following variables are available for display in the Culvert Profiles Graph.

   Distance Down Culvert


         Critical Depth

         Normal Depth

         Velocity Head

   Velocity - Average

   Velocity - Occupied

         Ground Speed

         Swim Mode

         Prolonged Time

         Burst Time

         Barrier Type

         Froude Number

         Specific Momentum

         Shear Stress

         Stream Power

         Comp Roughness

   Energy Dissipation Factor

         Hydraulic Curve

         Wetted Area

         Wetted Perimeter

         Top Width

         Hydraulic Radius

         Hydraulic Depth

         Bottom Elevation

  Water Surface Elevation

         Critical Elevation

  Energy Grade Line Elevation

  Water Surface Slope

   Energy Grade Line Slope