Pronounced "Fish Crossing" this software is designed to assist engineers, hydrologists and fish biologists in the evaluation and design of culverts for fish passage. It is free and available for download at the FishXing website.

FishXing 3 is a unique software tool for the assessment and design of culverts for fish passage. FishXing models the complexities of culvert hydraulics and fish performance for a variety of species and crossing configurations. The model has proven useful in identifying culverts that impede fish passage, leading to the removal of numerous barriers.  As a design tool, FishXing accommodates the iterative process of designing a new culvert to provide passage for fish and other aquatic species.  

FishXing is an interactive software package that integrates a culvert design and assessment model for fish passage. The software models organism capabilities against culvert hydraulics across a range of expected stream discharges.  Water surface profiles can be calculated for a variety of culvert shapes using gradually varied flow equations. The program then compares the flows, velocities and leap conditions with the swimming abilities of the fish species of interest. The output includes tables and graphs summarizing the water velocities, water depths, and outlet conditions, then lists the limiting fish passage factors and flows for each culvert.

Version 3 is a complete rewrite of previous versions based on user feedback and our own experience in the field of fish passage and engineering. There are many new features that have been added to this version.

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