Feature List


FishXing 3 Features

Type of crossing

Location and characteristics of crossing

Range of flows passable

Percent passable of flows passable

Passage Problems

Site Information

Lat/long location, notes, link to photos of the site

Culvert Info

Analyze multiple culverts per crossing

Choose from 8 culvert shapes with predefined or custom input dimensions

Installation at Grade or Embedded

Separate roughness factor for culvert and for bottom material

Entrance loss coefficient

Fish Information

Fish Performance Database for selecting swim speeds

Define your own swim speeds for burst and prolonged swim modes

Define acceptable  hydraulic criteria

Define Passage criteria

Select between hydraulic and swim speed based passage criteria

Optional velocity reduction factors for slow flow along culvert wall

Customize and save settings for swim modes and hydraulic criteria

Design Flows

Enter low and high fish passage flows

Flow calculator for additional trial flows

Tailwater Methods

Constant Elevation

User defined Rating Curve

Calculated rating curve from user defined cross section


Output Summary

Percent of flow passable between Low and High Passage Flows

Passable flow range

Barrier Types as flow varies

Normal, Critical, Headwater, Tailwater Depth

Headwater to Diameter Ratio

Inlet Contraction Velocity

Total Swim Time

Culvert Profile and Table

Distance Down Culvert

Water Depth

Critical Depth

Normal Depth

Velocity Head

Velocity - Average

Velocity - Occupied

Ground Speed

Swim Mode

Cumulative Prolonged Swim Time

Cumulative Burst Swim Time

Barrier Type

Froude Number

Specific Momentum

Shear Stress

Stream Power

Composite Roughness

EDF (Energy Dissipation Factor)

Hydraulic Curve

Wetted Area

Wetted Perimeter

Top Width

Hydraulic Radius

Hydraulic Depth

Bottom Elevation

Water Surface Elevation

Critical Elevation

Energy Grade Line

Water Surface Slope

Energy Grade Line Slope

Rating Curve and Table

Flow Rate

Outlet Velocity

Inlet Velocity

Maximum Velocity

Velocity at Normal Depth

Inlet Depth

Outlet Depth

Depth at Culvert Midpoint

Normal Depth

Minimum Depth

Outlet Pool Depth

Outlet Drop

Vertical Leap Distance

Horizontal Leap Distance

Total Burst Swim Time

Total Prolonged Swim Time

Shear Stress at Inlet

Shear Stress at Midpoint

Shear Stress at Outlet

Barrier Type

Animated Profile

Animation of  model results showing water surface,  fish performance and barriers

Automated Reports


Full documentation of equations used in calculations

Example applications of FishXing

Guided tutorial for using FishXing

Hydraulic, Culvert and Fisheries reference sections

Glossary of terminology

Library of related publications

 Extensive annotated bibliography