Dominique BACHELET

Senior Climate Change Scientist

Conservation Biology Institute

Data Basin Climate Center

and Associate Professor

Dept of Biological and Ecological Engineering

Oregon State University

MC1 Dynamic Global Vegetation Model


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 Telephone: (360) 870-5782 (cell)



  • Ph. D., 1983, Colorado State University (advisors: J. Detling, W. Hunt)
  • Quantitative Ecologist, 1988-1994, U.S. EPA Env. Lab., Corvallis, Oregon
  • Assistant Professor, 1988-1999, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
  • Associate Professor, 1999-, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
  • Director of Climate Change Science, 2007-2008, The Nature Conservancy, Olympia, Washington
  • Senior Climate Change Scientist, 2009-, Conservation Biology Institute, Corvallis, Oregon

Curriculum Vitae  pdf file

Current Projects

  • 2012-2013 Soil Vulnerability to future climate in the Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative, with implications for vegetation change and water cycle.
    SR-LCC for $200,000. PI: W. Peterman, D. Bachelet.
  • 2011-2013 Creating a Soil Vulnerability Index to identify drought sensitive areas.
    NP-LCC for $99,000. PI: D. Bachelet, W. Peterman.
  • 2011-2012 Quantitative Forecasting of Above and Below Ground Climate Change Impacts at Wind Cave National Park.
    PNW Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Task Agreement (H8W0706001) National Park Service for $163,683. PI: D. Bachelet, A. Symstad (USGS).
  • 2011 Assessing the skill of hydrology models at simulating the water cycle in the HJA: assumptions, strengths and weaknesses.
    H.J. Andrews NSF-LTER for $10,000. PI: D. Bachelet.
  • 2010-2011 MAPSS Team legacy: Documenting published and unpublished results from MAPSS and MC1 models from past projects.
    USFS Joint Venture Agreement PNW 11-JV-11261952-028 for $96,198. PI: D. Bachelet.
  • 2010-2012 ILAP (Integrated Land Assessment Project): Prioritize fuel treatments by estimating restoration potential and understanding their effects.
    USFS-ARRA Joint Venture Agreement PNW 10-JV-11260489-085 for $249,602. PI: D. Bachelet, coI: M. Hemstrom (USFS PNW).
  • 2009-2011 Method development and application for linking VDDT and MC1: Climatizing state-and-transition models.
    USFS-WWETAC Joint Venture Agreement PNW 09-JV-11261900-003 for $96,539. PI: D. Bachelet, coI: B. Kerns (USFS PNW).
  • 2009-2011 Consequences of Novel Disturbance Regimes on Climate-Induced Biogeographic Shifts along the Appalachian Trail.
    NICCR for $17,304. PI: D. Bachelet (lead PI: Erica Smithwick, U.Pa.).

Selected Publications

Bachelet D., B.R. Johnson, S.D. Bridgham, P.V. Dunn, H.E. Anderson, and B.M. Rogers. 2011. Climate Change Impacts on Western Pacific Northwest Prairies and Savannas. Northwest Science 85(2):411-429.

Bachelet D., T. Comendant, and J. Strittholt. 2011. Web platform for sharing spatial data and manipulating them online. EOS Transactions American Geophysical Union 92(14):118-119.

Bachelet D., J.M. Lenihan, R.J. Drapek, R.N. Neilson. 2008. VEMAP vs VINCERA: A DGVM sensitivity to differences in climate scenarios. Global and Planetary Change 64:38-48.

Bachelet D. and D. Price. 2008. DGVM responses to the latest IPCC future climate scenarios. Global and Planetary Change 64:1-2.

Bachelet, D., J.M. Lenihan, R.P. Neilson, R.J. Drapek. 2005. Simulating the response of natural ecosystems and their fire regimes to climatic variability in Alaska. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 35:2244-2257.

Bachelet D., J.M. Lenihan, C. Daly, and R.P. Neilson. 2000. Climate, fire and grazing Effects at Wind Cave National Park, S.D. Ecological Modelling 134:229-244.

Selected co-authored Publications

Rogers, B. M., R. P. Neilson, R. Drapek, J. M. Lenihan, J. R. Wells, D. Bachelet, and B. E. Law. 2011. Impacts of climate change on fire regimes and carbon stocks of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. J. Geophys. Res. 116, G03037, doi:10.1029/2011JG001695.


Wiens, J. and D. Bachelet. 2010. Matching the Multiple Scales of Conservation with the Multiple Scales of Climate Change. Conservation Biology 24(1):51-62.


Allen, C.D., A.K. Macalady, H. Chenchouni, D. Bachelet, Nate McDowell, M. Vennetier, T. Kitzberger, A. Rigling, D.D. Breshears, E.H. Hogg, P. Gonzalez, R. Fensham, Z. Zhang, J. Castro, N. Demidova, J-H Lim, G. Allard, S.W. Running, A. Semerci, N. Cobb. 2010. A Global Overview of Drought and Heat-Induced Tree Mortality Reveals Emerging Climate Change Risks for Forests. Forest Ecology and Management 259:660-684.


Lenihan, J.M., D. Bachelet, R.P. Neilson, R.J. Drapek. 2008. Simulated response of conterminous united states ecosystems to climate change at different levels of fire suppression, CO2 emission rate, and growth response to CO2. Global and Planetary Change 64:16-25.


Del Grosso, S., W. Parton, T. Stohlgren, D. Zheng, D. Bachelet, S. Prince, K. Hibbard, and R. Olson. 2008. Global potential production predicted from vegetation class, precipitation, and temperature. Ecology 89(8):2117-2126.


Lenihan, J.M., D. Bachelet, R.J. Drapek, and R.P. Neilson. 2008. The response of vegetation distribution, ecosystem productivity, and fire in California to future climate scenarios simulated by the MC1 dynamic vegetation model. Climatic Change 87(Supp): S215-S230.


  • Member of Graduate Student Committees for: Tara Hudiburg (FES), Suphannika Intanon (CS), Wendy Peterman (FERM) 
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