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In the News
Range of bull trout in Oregon's McKenzie River indicates improved river health
US Forest Service 11/7/13

The Ambitious Restoration of An Undammed Western River
environment360 10/14/13

'Watering the forest for the trees' emerging as priority for forest management
Press Release USDA Forest Service 6/3/13

Satellites tracking changes in water supplies across the U.S. 6/5/13

OSU Study Looks at McKenzie Flows 2/28/13
Climate change impact on stream flow varies by location

Gazette Times 2/19/13


Dam Removal begins at Glines Canyon Dam, Elwha River, WASeptember 15, 2011: Dam Removal begins at Glines Canyon Dam, Elwha River, WA. Image courtest NPS

Recent Publications

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Safeeq, M., Grant, G.E., Lewis, S.L., Kramer, M.G., Staab, B. 2014. A geohydrologic framework for characterizing summer streamflow sensitivity to climate warming in the Pacific Northwest, USA, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss., 11, 3315-3357, doi:10.5194/hessd-11-3315-2014.

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