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The Pacific Northwest Tree Improvement Research Cooperative (PNWTIRC) was formed in 1983 to conduct research in support of operational tree improvement in the Pacific Northwest. The PNWTIRC is housed in the Department of Forest Science at Oregon State University. Glenn Howe is the Director of the Cooperative, Kori Ault is the Program Manager, Scott Kolpak is the Research Coordinator, and Lauren Magalska and Oguz Urhan are graduate students.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Tree Improvement Research Cooperative is to conduct genetics and breeding research on Pacific Northwest tree species with the goal of providing priority information that will enhance the efficiency of tree improvement efforts. Emphasis is on region-wide problems dealing with major coniferous species. The PNWTIRC is concerned with both tree breeding and mass production of genetically improved materials. The intent is to complement and supplement research by other organizations in the region and to avoid duplication. Another important objective of the Cooperative is to foster communication among tree improvement workers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our Mission is to: