Predicting edible mushroom productivity using forest carbon allocation modeling and immunoassays of ectomycorrhizae


Mushroom Species

Chanterelles and matsutake were chosen for this project because they are among the most widely collected and traded ectomycorrhizal mushroom species in international commerce, and both are widely distributed in temperate and boreal forests of the northern hemisphere (Bergius and Danell 2000, Danell 1999). They occur in sufficient abundance to facilitate site selection and reliably sample. We have used these species for comparative evaluations of mushroom and timber values, so economic analyses can be readily extrapolated to mushroom and timber productivity estimates derived from our model.


 Golden chanterelle, Cantharellus cibaruis
(Photograph by Eric Danell)

 Pacific golden chanterelle
C. formosus

 White chanterelle
C. subalbidus

 American matsutake
T. magnivelare

 Swedish matsutake
Tricholoma nauseosum
(synonym: T. matsutake)
(Photograph by Eric Danell)

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