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Forested landscape

Research Areas


We are an informal group of scientists in Corvallis, Oregon conducting national, regional, and sub-regional natural resource economics research. Key Team research areas include: 1) investigating the role of the forest sector in mitigating and adapting to climate change, 2) projecting national and regional forestland development; 3) evaluating forest fragmentation and potential effects on ecosystem services; 4) examining development effects on private forests and their management; and 5) identifying factors affecting public values and preferences regarding forestland conservation. Team research often is interdisciplinary and frequently involves scientists and natural resources professionals from government agencies, academia, and conservation organizations.





Ralph J. Alig, Research Forester
Jeffrey D. Kline, Research Forester
Pacific Northwest Research Station
USDA Forest Service
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-750-7250
Fax: 541-750-7329
Last updated: 12 April, 2011



Latest Research Publications

Is Oregon's land use planning program conserving forest and farm land? A review of evidence. H. Gosnell et al. Land Use Policy

Socio-economic changes and forestland development: Commonalities and distinctions between the eastern and western USA. E White, R. Alig and S. Stein. Journal of Forestry

Woody biomass for bioenergy and biofuels in the United States—a Briefing Paper. E. White. PNW General Technical Report

Recent "Science Findings" Reports

Looking at the Big Picture: The Importance of Landbase Interactions Among Forests, Agriculture, and Climate Mitigation Policies. Reporting on the research of Ralph Alig

We're All in This Together: Decisionmaking to Address Climate Change in a Complex World. Reporting on the research of Ralph Alig

Land Use Planning: A Time-Tested Approach for Addressing Climate Change. Reporting on the research of Jeff Kline and Jim Cathcart


Eric M. White, Assistant Professor
Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management
Oregon State University
204 Peavy Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-8561
Fax: 541-737-4316