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Modeling Region 7 : Klamath Mountains -- Oregon

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The Klamath Mountains ecoregion is physically and biologically diverse. Highly dissected, folded mountains, foothills, terraces, and floodplains occur and are underlain by igneous, sedimentary, and some metamorphic rock. The mild, subhumid climate of the Klamath Mountains is characterized by a lengthy summer drought. It supports a mix of northern Californian and Pacific Northwest tree species.

Map Products

Product DescriptionStatusImagery yearDate postedDownload
GNN species-size map and accuracy assessment reportFINAL200002/08/2008/lemma/export/grids/imap/sppsz/r2/ (39.2 MB)
GNN species map and accuracy assessment reportFINALN/A02/23/2011/lemma/export/grids/imap/species/r2/ (103.8 MB)

Plot Database

LEMMA offers a number of data tables associated with this region. Many of the tables can be downloaded by clicking on the plot database link below, but the larger tables are only available upon request. The database contains plot data for all modeling regions within a project. Documentation for these tables is embedded in the Data Dictionary section below.

Product DescriptionStatusImagery yearDate postedDownload
Ecological systems code descriptions (for nonforest areas)FINALN/A11/20/2009/lemma/export/databases/ (9 KB)
Plot database (MS Access format) and associated documentationFINALN/A05/05/2010/lemma/export/databases/ (25.7 MB)

Data Dictionary

Table SchemaTable NameTable DescriptionAvailability
dboTREE_BA_CROSSTABPlot by tree species basal area cross-tabulation tableIncluded in plot database download
dboTREE_COV_CROSSTABPlot by tree species percent cover cross-tabulation tableIncluded in plot database download
distSPPSZ_ATTR_IMAPPlot information and stand level summary variables attached to GNN grids by default for the IMAP projectIncluded in plot database download
distSPPSZ_ATTR_ALLPlot information and all stand level summary variables (for attaching to GNN grids)Included in plot database download
dboTREE_LIVELive tree piece-level dataContact us
dboTREE_SNAGStanding dead (snag) piece-level dataContact us
dboTREE_CWDCoarse woody debris piece-level dataContact us
dboUNDERSTORYUnderstory (non-tree) tally data (cover by species on plots)Contact us
dboSPECIES_CLASSSpecies classification (family, genus, species, etc.)Included in plot database download

Associated Projects

This table lists projects whose study areas partially overlap the region of interest. Click on the link to be taken to the associated project pages.

Project NameRegion Name
Carbon Monitoring for Wooded EcosystemsOregon and California Klamaths
Northwest Forest Plan Effectiveness Monitoring (15-Year Report)Oregon and California Klamaths
Northwest Forest Plan Effectiveness Monitoring (20-Year Report)Oregon and California Klamaths
Ecological Systems MappingReGAP - MRLC Zone 2
Ecological Systems MappingReGAP - MRLC Zone 7