Data Products via Mercury

BigFoot data products (e.g., field measurements and data surfaces) are available for download via the Mercury data distribution system. This system serves a number of science projects and is administrated by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center (ORNL DAAC). Several other associated data sets (e.g., MODIS products and satellite imagery) are available via the MODIS Land Validation (MODLand) webpage.


Please notify the appropriate PIs of how the data will be used and of any publication plans. If the PIs feel that they should be acknowledged or offered participation as authors, they will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing and/or use of the data for publication. If your work directly competes with the PIs analysis they may ask that they have the opportunity to submit a manuscript before you submit one that uses their data. In addition, when publishing, please cite the data source (as given in the metadata that accompanies the data set).

Mercury Search Engine

Mercury Search Tips

1. Keywords search panel
- Searchable keywords include project name (BigFoot), site acronyms (AGRO, etc.), and parameters (landcover, LAI, etc.)

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