Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team


IMST workshops bring together scientists from across the region to address scientific issues important to salmonid recovery. IMST scientific workshops have been held to address major questions raised in IMST projects or to respond to agency and legislative requests.

IMST Workshops

The following workshops were held by IMST to support ongoing projects.

Urban and Rural-Residential Area Land Uses in Oregon: A Synthesis of an IMST Technical Workshop on Watershed Functions and Salmonid Recovery
(June 21-22, 2011)
Full Report
Watershed and Aquatic Habitat Restoration Effectivness Monitoring (Jointly held by OWEB and IMST April 18-19, 2006) Executive Summary
Full Report
Influences of Human Activity on Stream Temperatures of Cold-Water Fish in Streams with Elevated Temperature (October 5-6, 2000) Executive Summary
Full Report
Conservation Hatcheries and Supplementation Strategies for Recovery of Wild Stocks of Salmonids (June 19-21, 2000) Executive Summary
Full Report
Defining and Evaluating Recovery of OCN Coho Salmon Stocks: Implications for Rebuilding Stocks Under the Oregon Plan
(August 4-5, 1999)
Full Report

Workshops Facilitated for Other Groups

IMST has facilitated workshops for other groups working with scientific issues related to salmonid recovery.

Establishing Research Priorities for ODFW Hatchery Research Center (October 21-22, 2003). Held jointly with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). ODFW Report
Scientific Workshop on Measurable Salmon Recovery Criteria
(July 1-2, 2002). Held jointly with the Joint Interim Task Force on Salmon Recovery.
Joint Task Force Report