Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team

Literature Database

Accomplishing the mission of the IMST and the Oregon Plan requires ready access to relevant scientific and technical documents. As a direct result, IMST and its staff have established a literature database in ProCite© bibliographic software. The primary purpose of this database has been to support the work of the Team. IMST feels that the database may also be useful tool to Oregon Plan partners. This literature database will be most useful to technically oriented individuals who read and use information from IMST technical reports and who are involved in management, research, and monitoring of salmonid recovery efforts.

User information

  • We have made a concerted effort to ensure the accuracy of the citations of scientific and technical literature in this database. However, users should expect that the database may occasionally contain errors. Because the on-line version is only updated periodically, it may not include all literature recently considered or cited by the Team.
  • Because of legal and logistical constraints, the IMST cannot provide copies of documents listed in the database to the public or to agencies. Users will have to obtain the documents from other sources (e.g., through web sources or local libraries).
  • IMST staff members have indexed references with a limited number of keywords. Keywords may not be used consistently among documents. Please try alternate keywords when conducting your search.
  • The database was last updated on March 28, 2005.

Database instructions

  1. Open database page:
  2. Select imst.pdt from the search menu. The other databases available on the search page are not IMST databases.
  3. Select field to search. All indexed fields will allow you to search author, keywords, periodicals, and publication years together. All non-indexed fields will allow you to search titles and report numbers together.
  4. Enter search criteria in Data to Locate text box.
  5. Click on Start Search.

More detailed search instructions are available by clicking on the Help button.