Welcome to the ARCINFO discussion list:

This list is for users of the OSU site license for ESRI products (e.g., ARCInfo). It will be used to provide updates about orders, as well as to exchange information and questions about the use of these programs. If you are ordering a product, do NOT send the order info to this list. Read the ordering instructions for info on where to send your order.

Messages to this list should be sent to ARCINFO@mail.orst.edu.

For help, questions, or problems relating specifically to this list, send mail to: ARCINFO-request@mail.orst.edu.

General help requests & all commands should be sent to LISTSERV@BOBO.NWS.ORST.EDU. For a list of commands, send a message to LISTSERV@BOBO.NWS.ORST.EDU with the line:

in the body of the message.

*******************Some valid user/owner commands**********************

Send the following commands to LISTSERV@BOBO.NWS.ORST.EDU:

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