Image Alchemy is used to transcribe image files from one type to another. We use it mostly to switch Postscript (.ps or .eps) to Hewlett Packard RTL (.rtl) to print on the hpplot345 printer. It's a wacky language. Below is the script normally used for that procedure:

alchemy --r7 (input_file.eps) -Zm2 -Zi10i 18i -Zo10i 18i -Z+

and the output looks like this:

You can also use Alchmey to convert the .eps output from ArcPress into a .tif file for inclusion in a poster or slide show, as in this example:

alchemy (input_file.eps) -t -24 -D 300 300 -Zi 16i 12i -Zo 16i 12i -Zm2

As it stands now, alchemy routes the temporary /data/playpen/pscratch/USER. That's why it doesn't go very fast if the network is down. So one potential is make your own script and put it in the directory you're using. Change the script so that the directory is something local.

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