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Please consult our on-line GIS/RS helpdesk webpage and the GIS/RS Helpdesk Notebook, located on the shelf between Picea and Populus in FSL 345, for help with GIS and Remote Sensing questions.

Questions concerning the Windows, NT, Novell, and Macintosh networks and machines can best be answered by the Forestry Computing Helpdesk.

There are a wide variety of web page tutorials and frequently asked questions. Please consult these resources to learn more:

  • GIS and GIScience at Oregon State University
  • ESRI Online Support Center
  • ESRI Virtual Campus
  • Arc/INFO Knowledge Base
  • ArcView Knowledge Base
  • Great GIS Net Sites!
  • National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
  • GIS and the Geographer's Craft
  • Spatial News
  • Yahoo search for GIS

  • USGS EROS Data Center
  • SPOT Image
  • ASPRS Home Page
  • Jing Huang's Face of the Earth
  • U of Minnesota GIS/RS Information
  • Goddard Space Flight Center's Remote Sensing Tutorial
  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Remote Sensing
  • List of Remote Sensing Satellites and Sensors
  • Yahoo search for Remote Sensing
  • You may wish to employ the GIS and Remote Sensing mailing for contacting everyone on this list with your specific questions. The Spatial Data Management Group meets once a month and may be a good place to learn more.

    The people listed below have volunteered to help answer questions within their specialty. Please be considerate and prepared when you request their time- believe it or not, their own deadlines may be more pressing than yours!




    FSL 354
    Arc/Info, Grid, ArcPlot, ArcEdit, AML, ArcView, metadata, data sources cartographic representation
    FSL 108
    Workstation ArcInfo, ArcView 3x, AML, Avenue, metadata geomorphology, cartographic models
    SHARON CLARKE 750-7288
    FSL 274
    Arc/Info, ArcEdit, ArcPlot, dynamic segmentation stream habitat, landscape classification, watershed analysis
    FSL 269
    Arc/Info, ArcEdit, ArcPlot, ArcView, dynamic segmentation, data transfer fisheries, stream habitat
    FSL 297N
    ERDAS 7.5, Imagine, HP plotter photo interpretation, digital image processing
    DOUG OETTER 737-8417
    FSL 297R
    Imagine, Arc/Info, Unix, photo interpretation land cover mapping, change detection, riparian mapping
    REBECCA HESS 750-7262
    FSL 307
    Arc/Info, ArcView, aerial photography  
    MATTHEW GREGORY 750-7279
    FSL 311
    Arc/Info, GRID, AML, C programming  
    MICHAEL GUZY 737-8483
    R 344
    Software, GUI development (UNIX, NT); C++, C_Tools  

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