Running Multiple Pipe Analysis


The multi-pipe analysis feature in FishXing V3 is a very computationally intensive calculation. It is likely to be particularly slow when analyzing Pipe-Arch, High Profile Arch, Low Profile Arch, Horizontal Ellipse, and Metal Box culverts. It can sometimes take 10 minutes or more on even the fastest computers. The Progress Bar at the bottom of the input page should move at least every 20 seconds even on the slowest crossing analyses. It might start over several times before the calculations are all complete. Here are a couple of tips for speeding up your analysis.

If you can get a reasonable estimate using a Circular, Single-Radius Arch, or Box shape, consider using these until you do your final model run.

Try to avoid other computer processes while running a multi-pipe analysis. Rather than surfing the internet or working on a document, consider going for a cup of tea while the analysis is running. Tension Tamer is often a good choice of tea at this time.

Culvert Number

For crossings with multiple culverts, this field informs you which culvert is currently displayed and the total number of culverts at the crossing. When inputting multiple culverts, its standard practice to go from left to right (looking in the downstream direction).

 Add an Additional Culvert. Inserts a new culvert with the data fields left blank.

 Copy Currently Displayed Culvert.  Adds a new culvert with the same data as the currently displayed culvert.

 Delete Culvert.  Removes the currently displayed culvert from the crossing.

 Scroll through multiple culverts.

Note: The culvert data that is actively displayed at the time of Calculation will be the culvert analyzed for fish passage.