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Recent Press

The Guardian (Dec. 12, 2019): Reach ‘peak meat’ by 2030 to tackle climate crisis, say scientists

NY Times (Dec. 5, 2019): Fractured Forests Are Endangering Wildlife, Scientists Find
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KTVZ News (Dec. 4, 2019): OSU study: Deer, elk can help tree seedlings survive

OSU Press Release (Feb. 4, 2019): NW Forest Plan 25 years later: Wildfire losses up, bird populations down
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OSU Press Release (Jan. 30, 2019): Direct killing by humans pushing Earth’s biggest fauna toward extinction
See Also: U.S. News, Popular Science, The Guardian, Newsweek

Audubon (Fall 2018): From Sea to Tree, Scientists Are Tracking Marbled Murrelets With Rising Precision

Oregon Public Broadcasting Field Guide (Sept. 28, 2018): Old Growth Could Be Key For Native Songbird Species To Beat Climate-Change Heat (Aug. 17, 2018): Wild Bees May Benefit From Cleaning Up After Clearcuts

Latin American Post (May 22, 2018): Día de la Diversidad Biológica: En Colombia Hay 1.345 Especies Amenzadas (Feb. 15, 2018): For tropical forest birds, old neighborhoods matter

Discover (Feb. 9, 2018): When Hummingbirds Visit, This Flower Pops Open like a Jack-in-the-Box

Scientific American (Jan. 25, 2018): Ancient Forests May Protect Birds from Rising Heat

Science Daily (Dec. 15, 2017): Complex, old-growth forests may protect some bird species in a warming climate

Science360 (Dec. 13, 2017): Complex, old-growth forests may protect some bird species in a warming climate

Terra (Nov. 13, 2017): Home from the Sea

The Washington Post (Nov. 13, 2017): Thousands of scientists issue bleak ‘second notice’ to humanity

OSU Press Release (Nov. 1, 2017): Human activities are reshaping forest animal communities around the world
See also:, KTVZ

The Daily Barometer (Aug. 28, 2017): Seabird research creates opportunities for ecosystem understanding

New Scientist (Aug. 2, 2017): Deforestation may soar now Colombian civil war is over

Mongabay (July 28, 2017): First ‘intrusions’ into unbroken forests drive pulses of biodiversity loss (July 21, 2017): To Save The Forest, Don't Cut The 1st Tree: Study

Science Daily (July 19, 2017): Conserve intact forest landscapes to maximize biodiversity, reduce extinction risk (July 19, 2017): Conserve intact forest landscapes to maximize biodiversity, reduce extinction risk

Albany Democrat-Herald (May 29, 2017): BioBlitz at Avery Park

KMUD News (Feb. 28, 2017): KMUD News interview with Matt Betts. See also: Redwood Audubon Presents Hummingbird Highways.

National Geographic (Jan. 7, 2017): How the World's Smallest Birds Survive the Winter

Science Magazine (Oct. 18, 2016): People are hunting primates, bats, and other mammals to extinction
See also: The Huffington Post,, Mongabay, The Guardian

Northwest Climate Science Center (July 6, 2016): Old Growth May Help Protect Northwest Forest Birds from the Impacts of Climate Change (Apr. 22, 2016): Old-Growth Forests Provide Temperature Refuges In Face Of Climate Change: Study
See also:, Tech Times, Gazette-Times, Science Daily

Science Daily (Jan. 27, 2016): Forest corridors prove critical to biodiversity, pollination success in the tropics. See also:, Conservation Magazine,

Biosphere Magazine (Nov. 2015): Sweet Switch (pdf)

Nature (Mar. 19, 2015): Flowers choose the best pollinators

AAAS Science Update (Mar. 11, 2015): Choosy Flowers

New York Times (Mar. 9, 2015): Discerning Plant Picks Its Pollinators

CBC Radio - Quirks and Quarks (Mar. 7, 2015): Plants pick their Pollinators (Mar. 3, 2015): Plant species evolved a way to determine most promising pollinator

Science News (Mar. 2, 2015): Tropical plant knows whose bill is in its flowers

Terra (Oct. 11, 2014): Small Scale Science

Science World Report (Jul. 11, 2014): Precipitation and Not Warming Temperatures May be More to Blame for Bird Population Shifts See Also: ScienceDaily; High Country News; Nature World News; Science

LTER Network News (Mar. 26, 2014): To tell a bird by its song

CBCNews New Brunswick (Mar. 18, 2014): Forest scientist terms new Crown policy radical, experimental

Albany Democrat-Herald (Feb. 18, 2014): Research in Costa Rica. See also: KVUE, Austin, TX | Centro Tampa

The Daily Barometer (Nov. 6, 2013): Researchers study effects of forest fragmentation on hummingbird behavior

Terra (July 1, 2013): Threshold for Thriving: How much forest management is too much for northern house wrens?

Audubon Magazine (Apr. 8, 2013): What Do Birds Do for Us?

Science Daily (Aug. 10, 2012): For Young Birds, Getting Stressed out Can Be a Good Thing

Focus on Forestry (Fall 2012): Bioacoustics in Birdland (May 31, 2012): OSU high-tech team monitors bird songs

Albany Democrat-Herald (May 14, 2012): Feeding the birds

Corvallis Gazette-Times (Mar. 1, 2011): Butterfly chaser

Terra (Fall 2010): The Persistence of Species: An ecologist seeks clues to forest biodiversity

NSF-Science 360 (Jan. 4, 2011): A Bird's-Eye View: Studying Forests From Above

Nat Geo (June 10, 2010): Why don't butterflies cross the road?

Science Daily (June 3, 2010): Lasers Help Researchers Predict Birds' Preferred Habitat

BBC Radio 4 (May 2010): Saving Species: Episode 6 - Adam Hadley interview from the rainforest of Costa Rica

BBC Radio 4 (May 2009): Nature - The Future of the Amazon

Oregonian (Feb. 12, 2009): "OSU Researchers Tie Pollination Woes to Bird Travel Disruptions"

Corvallis Gazette Times (Feb. 10, 2009): Study: Pollinating birds won't cross cleared land

Science Daily (Feb. 10, 2009): "Hummingbird 'Tag' Suggests Fragmentation May Be Part of Pollination Crisis".

Conservation Magazine (Oct. 2008) (public outlet for the Society of Conservation Biology): "Word of Mouth"

Washington Post (June 23, 2008) "The Siren Song of Avian Real Estate"

Science Podcast Update (AAAS) (June 20, 2008): "Birdsong Bandwagon"

Telegraph (London): (June 18, 2008) "Songbirds Eavesdrop to Find Nests"

Oregonian (June 14, 2008) "Whistle While You Work"

ScienceNOW (AAAS) (June 12, 2008): What's in a Song?

Science Daily (June 10, 2008): "Birds Communicate Reproductive Success in Song".

Matt Betts interviewed on Jefferson Public Radio, Oregon