MC1 Dynamic Vegetation Model

Useful URLs:

1. MC1 latest version (code) on the Oregon State University Repository (user:guest,leave password blank)
2. Google group created for the MC1 user community
3. Web address for MC1 users posting their latest code revisions
4. Google group for anyone who wants to participate in the development of MC1

Brief history of the creation of the model:
MC1 was developped in the MAPSS Team (Ron Neilson, lead, USDA Forest Service, PNW) in Corvallis, Oregon.
It was originally conceived as a follow-up of the vegetation/ecosystem modeling and analysis project
VEMAP phase 1 and was used in VEMAP phase 2.
The objective was to link R.P. Neilson's biogeography model MAPSS with W.J. Parton's
biogeochemistry model CENTURY to generate a dynamic vegetation model.
The development of MC1 required significant changes to the parameterization of CENTURY
and the creation of new biogeography rules.
Jim Lenihan, Chris Daly and Dominique Bachelet were responsible for putting the original code together.
Jim Lenihan was later responsible for developing and including a dynamic fire module in MC1.

None of the bydrology (unsaturated flow) that was included in MAPSS is present in MC1
which uses CENTURY simplified water balance budget.
Moreover a new dynamic fire model that did not exist in MAPSS
nor in CENTURY was created and included in MC1.

MC1 1st Users Conference - Corvallis, OR - Jan 11-12, 2011
Agenda, videos and powerpoint presentations


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